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Don't hate me because I'm pretty, no wait, why else would you hate me?

i can't help but to hate you, your so damn pretty!! i wanna be pretty too! I KNO

29 December
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I am a very atheletic gurl with a lot to offer! I play basketball (no longer, i have retired my basketball shoes forever) and I'm also a new cheerleader at Hamilton High. Contrary to popular belief, cheerleaders are not easy and we do not rule the school, the jocks have to at least be somewhat good to get recognition, so therefore, they do not rule the school either. The only onez who do are those damn birds, and the bees (lol, the birds and the bees rule the school). I like to think of myself as a pretty good dancer. I'm really tall. Do not try to understand my seemingly retarded inside jokes, you never will. i.e. raping people, and things (and/or people) being on crack. Mess wit me and you will get dealt with. Ready for the end? okay, a one, a two, a skiddly- iddly - doo: Lastly, I like holding hands, long walks on the beach, and sunsets. (j/k)

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